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Tia Tornado Gold File

Heat-Treated Firewire™ NiTi Rotary Files Protaper gold compatible

Our Series consists :

Compatible With Protaper Gold:
Tia Tornado Gold File is fully compatible with your current system meaning a seamless transition.
Aggressive cutting ability
Amazing strength means balance the cutting and flexibility , during to its triangle cross section,which can bring more debris out than original design
200% flexibility approved
M wire NiTi doesn’t bounce back to preserve apical anatomy,can use 20 simple canals
MM mark can help to detain the length when working ,improved nano gold technology make gold wire become better performance than niti

Works with the Replaces Protaper gold®you already use.



  • passively search the coronal 2/3 with 10# and 15# K hand files.
  • Use TS1 brush the canal and passively “follow” the glide path to improve straight-line access and apical progression.
  • Use the TS2, until the depth of the 15# hand feel is reached
  • Use Finishing File TF1, in a “non-brushing” action, until working length is reached.
  • Gauge the foramen with a 20# hand file. If the instrument to working length , the canal is ready to be obtrurated.
  • Proceed with T2 If the 20 hand file is loose at length, , when necessary use T3, T4 and T5, with the same non-brushing motion to working length


  • Use at speed 300 RPM and a torque of 1.5 to 5.0 Ncm
  • TSX: Speed 300 RPM and torque of 5.0 N/cm
  • TS1: Speed 300 RPM and torque of 5.0 N/cm
  • TS2: Speed 300 RPM and torque of 1.5.N/cm
  • TF1: Speed 300 RPM and torque of 1.5.N/cm
  • TF2: Speed 300 RPM and torque of 3.0.N/cm
  • TF3: Speed 300 RPM and torque of 3.0.N/cm
  • Use in any region of a canal that has a confirmed and reproducible glide path
  • Irrigate with NaOCl, recapitulate, and re-irrigate after using each files
  • Use a deliberate brushing motion away from external root concavities to facilitate file progression


  • Avoid storing at high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.Keep liquids away. Store it at room temperature.
  • Do not damage or make a pinhole to packaging materials.
  • When reusing the instrument, wash away foreign substances completely and sterilize.
  • This product is subject to be improved without previous notice. Enforce first-in first-out method for stock management.
  • Do not store the instrument under a germicidal lamp to avoid deterioration.


  • Single size packaging: 6 files /package (TTG#)
  • Assorted package (TTGA): 1 file from each size/package (TSX~TF3)
  • Single size packaging: TSX:0.19mm/.018 TS1:0.18mm/.017 TS2:0.20mm/.20 TF1 :0.20mm/.022 TF2: 0.25mm/.028 TF3 :0.30mm/.05 TF4:0.4mm/.040 TF5 :0.5mm/.050